Comprehensive workshops

Comprehensive Real Estate Training

Learn How To ALWAYS WIN in the field of Real Estate Investing

These face to face comprehensive training are held periodically in NY, NJ and CT. They are specifically designed to help real estate investment beginners as well as those who have made a few investments but are looking for ways to increase their skills. Online Training Sessions will be available soon and will be accessible to people internationally.

You’ll discover a wealth of real estate investing tools & strategies custom-tailored for today’s market conditions, including:

  • The Key Factors to A Good Investment
  • Various Sources of Money to Fund Your Investments
  • Locating Buyers and Sellers for your Investment Properties
  • Locating Deals in the “Hidden Market”
  • Creating Multiple Sources of Cash Flow
  • Learning various Investment Strategies


At these comprehensive training sessions, you will be shown proven strategies designed to generate profits in a trending and declining economy.
Your Basic Real Estate Training will include various Investment Strategies such as:

  • Buy and Sell Real Estate with NO MONEY!
  • Fix & Flip to create large Profits
  • Buy & Hold to Create long term Wealth
  • Rent to Own Strategies
  • Personal and Business Credit


Once you’ve completed your Basic Training, you’ll be ready to acquire even more advanced strategies to build long term wealth by signing up for One on One Mentoring.


  • Wholesaling/Flip Real Estate Contracts with No money- $175
  • Fix and Flip/ Buy and Sell quickly- $250
  • Rent to Own/ Get paid 4 Times on 1 deal- $250
  • Financing/ Learn how to get financing for your business through various sources – $250

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